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Our clients first notice the rich color of our liquid botanicals. Later, they tell us about the fast and amazing results they receive. We’re not surprised, as potency, purity and effectiveness are our top priorities. Our painstaking sourcing methods involve finding organic and wild-crafted raw materials whenever possible. Once we find the perfect materials, the next step is to process as carefully as we have sourced.


It is no secret that locked in many plants are powerful nutritive, protective, balancing and cleansing properties. The secret is in unlocking them and allowing the properties to be assimilated by the human body. It is for this reason that Energetix has chosen the spagyric processing method for its botanical formulas. The spagyric method is an intricate and meticulous process designed to retain and concentrate the properties of the raw materials.


Energetix offers both single herb and herbal blend formulas. The names of these formulas start with the word “Core” and usually indicate the herb which is at the core of that formula. If the product is a blend of botanicals, the name also will conclude with the word “Blend.”


If you would like to learn how to incorporate botanicals into your practice, contact us today at 800.990.7085.


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