Internet Compliance Policy

We are continually monitoring online promotion and sales of the Energetix product line to ensure compliance with our Internet Policy, which states that:


“Energetix does not authorize or permit sales of its professional lines of products on third-party facilitated sites (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.). Energetix does not allow any of its authorized resellers to sell to other businesses on the internet nor does it permit resellers to sell directly to end-users via the internet, unless a consultation is conducted with the consumer before the product sale"

The enforcement of this policy has become more challenging due to the popularity of the Energetix line. This has resulted in a great demand for our products which has attracted third-party sellers to promote our products on the internet at discounted prices. You may have noticed some of these companies advertising discounted Energetix products; however, they cannot order through Energetix. When someone actually tries to place an order through one of these sites, they are typically out of stock and unsure when the product will become available. This creates a two-fold problem. One, although the patient may be lured by lower prices, it’s a “buyer beware” situation - they cannot be assured of the quality or age of the product. Two, it undermines our ability to protect our clients.


As we value the relationship we have with our practitioners as a practitioner-only line, we will do everything that we can to protect you. If an authorized reseller is found to be publicly selling discounted Energetix products or selling products on third party sites, and they have not received explicit permission from us, their ordering privileges will be revoked. We feel this stance has produced results; reducing the number of companies who violate our policies and we have received fewer complaints. This has also helped to further enhance the honor-based relationship we have with all of our clients.