Best Practices for Patient Drop Shipping

Choose the products for your drop ship order and select "Place Order" from the shopping cart.

Now that you're on the "Place Order" screen, scroll down until you see "Shipping Information". Select "Ship to a new address" to enter in the drop ship address.

TIP: Take advantage of the "Address Nickname" field to create a unique identifier for the patient’s drop ship address. This way, it will be easier to recognize for your next order.

Example: John Smith's Home

If you would like to match your drop shipment to your billing records, use the "Shipping Instructions" field under "Order Information". In this field, input your invoice or transaction number from your P.O.S. or E.H.R. system to identify the individual drop ship. You will then be able to see this information on your invoice from Energetix.

TIP: You may also want to set up a standard “drop ship fee” as an item in your P.O.S. – a $9.00 fee should offset any shipping costs.

It's that simple! Now your patients can have access between office visits to the products you trust.


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