Phyto Rad
  • Phyto Rad

  • Spagyric Nutritional Blend

  • Item #: 08060
MicroActive® CoQ10 60 Capsules
Core Ashwagandha
Core Ginger
  • Core Ginger

  • Spagyrically Processed Botanical

  • Item #: 01185

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Immunity, Metabolism, and the Microbiome

Immunity, Metabolism, and the Microbiome

Typically, immunity and metabolism are viewed as separate processes, but recently, research reveals that the immune system and metabolism communicate [...]

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Catalyst-c SAD

Are Your Patients Eating Habits SAD?

Many patients, especially new patients, are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is composed of refined, packaged and preserved, GMO, fried [...]

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Second Brain

The Science Behind Gut Feelings

We say things like “I had a gut feeling” or “Like a punch to the gut,” but did you know there is actually a scientific reason why we say this? [...]

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