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Research and Development:

Energetix combines its grasp of traditional healing practices from diverse cultures with a scrutiny of the latest scientific exploration to provide the basis for research and development. Botanical substances, healing foods, and homeopathy have been used around the world for centuries, providing a rich library of experience and wisdom. Recent advances in scientific knowledge and techniques have created a greater understanding of human health and wellness. In the creation of each product, Energetix’s research and development team is committed to the mission of merging these two perspectives.


Botanical tinctures, dietary supplements and homeopathic drugs are the tools Energetix supplies to health practitioners to assist patients in acquiring and maintaining a state of optimum health. Energetix products are manufactured to the highest quality standards according to cGMP guidelines in an FDA-registered facility. We believe achieving a balance between scientific sophistication and handcrafted quality is the key to a superior product.

Superb quality is the result of an unbroken chain of care. The process begins with finding premium raw materials. The highest quality plants, vitamins and minerals are obtained from select sources. Our suppliers have earned our trust and approval based on long-term relationships, industry respect and rigorous testing. Using the latest scientific equipment, materials are tested for purity, potency and specified characteristics, ensuring the perfect starting point. Then, herbal, homeopathic and supplement compounders use established methods to extract, succuss and encapsulate materials with systems typically unavailable within traditional mass production environments. Working to exact specifications within carefully controlled processes, the vital and health-giving attributes of plants and potent nutrients are blended and balanced. Scientific methods, used to test and measure the final result, ensure that quality, purity and potency meet or exceed our high standards.

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