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A Product Line Designed for Practitioners

Energetix provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive and synergistic line of natural products including:


Solutions for Complex Health Concerns

Today’s increasingly complex health concerns are impacted by elevated stress levels, environmental toxins, and changes in food sourcing. Energetix, as a company, is committed to developing modern and inventive solutions to meet these challenges.

Bio-Available and Non-Suppressive Formulas

Providing the body with the best nutritive and balancing elements is not always enough. These must also be delivered in a form that can actually be absorbed, utilized, and tolerated, often by compromised digestive systems. For this reason, bio-availability is a central feature of every Energetix formula.

Because we believe in the natural wisdom of the human body, our products are designed to be non-suppressive. Creating formulas that work with and encourage the natural healing processes is our primary concern.

Your Time Is Important

We appreciate that your time is important to both you and your patients. That’s why we’ve created a line that is easy to understand and easy to use, yet provides focused solutions for complex concerns.

A Plan for Today and Tomorrow

With our in-house U.S. manufacturing, meticulous sourcing, cGMP compliance and regulatory awareness, the Energetix line stands out for quality and sustainability. To learn more about our commitment to the future, read our quality statement.

Increased Patient Compliance

Fast results and long-term benefits lead to patient compliance (and referrals)! Designed to work synergistically, each product in the Energetix line has complementing products in the other two categories of the line. For example, a homeopathic will have botanical and nutritional products that will help to complement and support its use. This provides you with the strategy and the tools to meet varied and complex clinical needs.

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