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For a natural approach to improving health and reversing chronic illness, ask your practitioner about Energetix products and programs.  Your practitioner can customize a plan just for you using our pure, potent and effective homeopathics, botanicals and nutritional supplements. 

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  • Energetix Home Remedy Checklist
    Energetix Home Remedy Checklist
    Did you know that Energetix has over 120 products? We've made it easy for you to track what you have and what you need. Before your next visit to your Energetix practitioner, download the Energetix Home Remedy Checklist,...
  • Homeopathy Made Simple Brochure
    Homeopathy Made Simple Brochure
    Description: An overview of homeopathy, its history, how it works and health benefits as part of an overall healing strategy. Please contact your practitioner for more information about the benefits of homeopathy...
  • Nutritionals - What You Need to Know Brochure
    Nutritionals - What You Need to Know Brochure
    Description: Nutritional supplements are an important part of a balanced health regimen, as they can provide essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet. This brochure provides...
  • Spagyric Botanicals and Your Health (Patient brochure)
    $0.00 Spagyric Botanicals and Your Health (Patient brochure)
    Description: A brief overview of spagyric processing, how botanical medicine works and the benefits of using botanicals. Spagyric Botanicals and Your Health (Patient brochure)...
  • The Spagyric Difference Brochure
    The Spagyric Difference Brochure
    Description: All of our condition-specific Botanicals are Spagyrically processed from organic and/or wildcrafted raw materials. Spagyrically processed remedies are pure, highly concentrated and easy to absorb. This brochure...